Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for Developers

During the application process for the developer kit, LeLutka will require you to provide both an email address, and a Second Life avatar name, this information is solely use to register the data into our database, which will allow us to  communicate important information to you. LeLutka is determined to protect and maintain your privacy, therefore, we will never share any information you provide us, with third parties.


License to use LeLUTKA’s Mesh Head for 3d development is non-transferable, and limited to the terms and agreement, sub-licensing is not allowed.

The 3d Object file is provided solely for use as a tool to develop content within Second Life. Any, and all developer files may not be sold, shared, copied or reproduced, in whole or in part for any other purpose. Use of the provided developer files to extract or copy the shape for any purpose is expressly forbidden. The intellectual property rights to any and all developer files remain the property of the Second Life brand, LeLUTKA.

Your creations should not violate any other parties copyright nor should violate the Linden Lab Terms of Service.

Before moving forward, please be sure to read and understand our full  Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. in detail.

LeLutka reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time, so make sure to learn about it.
Please note that to be approved, the following requirements will need to be met: - An in-world store or a Marketplace - You must have a minimum of 8 items created (Does not have to be LeLUTKA items, but relevant content should have been created already, for example, Makeups, Skins, Lashes, Eyes, etc. - You must be an active store owner for at least 3 months. List of items that we will automatically reject: - Direct competition designers, meaning, if you create Mesh Heads, we will not give those access to our files. - Furniture creators. - Architecture creators. - Clothing creators. - Those who create for bodies, rather than heads. - Those looking to obtain files for personal use (refer to starter texture kit for that). - Those who create custom creations.