Most frequent questions and answers

Q. What is Evolution, and why is it now called Evolution X?
A. The Evolution heads were created as a new collection. These were intended to have all new features, scripts, and modeling. However, we decided to push a little further; thus, boundless rigging was born. As we started working on yet another update, we decided to try a custom UV (which allows for a full HD experience). We created the first three heads in the Evolution X line, Avalon, Briannon, and Ceylon. The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to update all previously created Evolution heads to Evolution X.

Q. Does this mean that my Evolution head(s) will become obsolete?
A. This means Evolution heads have all been updated to Evolution X.

Q. What are the differences between Evolution and Evolution X?
A. The main differences are that skins and other system layers (Bakes on Mesh) will spread out differently when content is created using the new/custom UV Map, which will allow you to have a full HD experience.

Q. Will I be able to use skins and content created for Evolution classic on Evolution X?
A. You will be able to use any previously acquired HD Content (makeups, lipsticks, brows) in both EVO and EVO X mode. BOM (Bakes on Mesh) skins obtained before Evolution X can be used in EVO mode. Still, these WILL NOT fit the custom UV map that Evo X uses.

Q. Why is my skin not applying when using a 3rd party applier HUD?
A. Applier mode was always a temporary option for an easier transition from Origins line to Evolution. However, with so much BOM content developed on the Second Life grid, we see no need for an applier mode anymore, nor do we see the point of cluttering your Second Life experience with additional scripts. Therefore, this feature has been removed on Evolution X. Skins can ONLY be applied using BOM on this line. (HD eyeshadow, lipsticks, etcetera… will still use appliers.)

Q. Why don’t I see any textures on my ears when in Evo X mode?
A. The ears on the new Evo X UV maps were removed to the UNIVERSAL-AUX 1 system layer to achieve an actual HD experience, which means you will need to apply textures to your ears separately (these are included with your heads). Universal layers can be layered up, which will allow you to use ear tattoos like you would with a classic Tattoo layer but with an extra perk of it being FULL HD.

Q. Why don’t I see any Textures on my add-on ears (elf ears) when in Evo mode?
A. The add-on ears use the new Evo X UV maps and use the same UNIVERSAL-AUX 1 system layer as above, which means you will need to apply textures to your ears separately. (These are included with your heads). Universal layers can be layered up, which will allow you to use ear tattoos like you would with a classic Tattoo layer but with an extra perk of it being FULL HD.

Q. Will the Evolution classic be updated to Evolution X features?
A. All Evolution classic heads have now been updated to Evolution X.

Q. Why do I see multiple options to hide ears?
A. By default Evolution X uses human ears right out of the box, but you have the option to wear the add-on fantasy ears included with your purchase. In addition, the HUD provides you the option to hide one or the other with a few simple clicks.

Q. What is BOM, and why are you moving away from Appliers and towards BOM only?
A. BOM is Bakes On Mesh, a new feature that has been previously made available by Second Life Team. While we would love to keep things as is, we feel it is necessary to move with the times, evolve, stay on top of the latest, our customers, their needs, and give them the best of ourselves and work is what matters to us most. Therefore, we felt this was the right move and in the right direction. We know change is hard to accept, but we promise it is all for the best. It will help with lag and will allow you the opportunity to wear many more layers. Learn more about bakes on mesh HERE.

Q. I just purchased one of your new heads from the Evolution line. Can I wear my old makeup?
A. Not only are these heads primarily made to be compatible with BOM, but we have created HD layers for eye shadow, lipstick, and brows. The UV is custom to accommodate HD layers, meaning that older makeups (those made for Origins) will not work on the new line of heads.

Q. I just purchased one of your new heads from the Evolution line, but when I wear it, it is invisible. Why?
A. This is the result of wearing an old alpha. To see the new head, you must remove older alphas worn and using the new ones provided. Please keep in mind that these heads are geared towards BOM. Therefore, a different set of alphas must be used, which have been included.
Q. I own one of the first Evolution heads, and after doing a redelivery, I am getting a version of the head with the word “dated” in parenthesis in the package; why?
A. When we first released Evolution, we wanted to bring everything we have learned to date. And give our customers the very best of ourselves and our product. We are thrilled that everyone who has purchased a head from the Evolution line has been welcoming and happy with the new line. However, as time passed, we received feedback, and customers asked for greater bone flexibility. As usual, customer satisfaction is essential to us, and we wanted to give our customers exactly what they were asking of us, and Fleur was born. With this head, we experimented with new rigging. The release went so overwhelmingly well we decided to extend the introduction of Boundless/Unrestricted bones to all heads in the Evolution line. We realize there have been many shapes made for the bound version of the heads and that some customers may not want to change, so we are offering both versions of the head (Bound and Boundless) for those heads released before Fleur. To get the Bound version of the head, please use the redelivery terminal. Heads with the word “dated” are the Bound version. The other is the Boundless version

Q. Why is OMEGA no longer working with Evolution heads?
A. While OMEGA appliers will still work for your eyes, we have made the executive decision to remove OMEGA from the head itself. This is because everyone has become quite familiar with BOM, and removing this will help with script load.

Note: Lelutka does not offer tutorials on how to use Second Life clients of your choice. While we understand not everyone is an expert on how to use SL viewer, please understand we want to help as much of you with our product-related stuff so we will assume you already have basic knowledge on how to use  SL viewer. Thank you for understanding.

Q. I have a customer issue (product support, redelivery, double purchase, failed transactions) — how exactly can I get help?
A. We have several ways for you to obtain support. Here is a list:

– Contact our CSR’s via a notecard as their messages may cap. Please be sure your notecard notates your issue in detail as this will avoid delays. Please include the transaction information from the Second Life website transaction page if it is a transaction problem. Please include the full name of the person who sent you the gift (SL name, not display name) regarding a gifted item. Finally, use services like Gyazo.com to share images.

– Discord – this is the best way to get your frequent questions answered, as well as take part in our giveaways and community setting. Here you will find our CSR’s, as well as our moderators, and a group of loyal customers and LeLU fans always willing to help. How do you get there? Follow the link: https://discord.gg/yhGZdKA

NOTE: In-World group – chat has been closed due to lag and the inability to manage/monitor this method of support properly. Therefore, you will be unable to contact us via the in-world support group. However, please be sure to continue to stay in the group for purchase rewards and future sales only available to our group members.

Q. I purchased an item, and it did not deliver. What do I do?
A. If the item you purchased was not delivered, or if you declined it by mistake, use the redelivery terminal in our Mainstore. If the item does not appear on your redelivery page, make sure the transaction was processed, you can do so by checking the transaction history on the Second Life website transaction page. If neither suggestion works, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our CSR’s via notecard.

Q. I have purchased an item I already own. Can I get a refund?
A. Yes, you can! You will need to send a notecard to our CSR’s with the most recent transaction and any other information you have. If the original or second purchase was a gift, please include the full name of the person who sent you the gift (SL name, not display name). Please be sure your notecard is titled like so: Double Purchase Refund [your name]

Q. I accidentally purchased something I do not want. Can I get a refund?
A. All sales are final as ALL items are ‘No Transfer’ — therefore, they cannot be returned. All products are clearly named and include demos. So please demo before purchasing as we cannot give you a refund.

Q. I changed my mind after buying something. Can I exchange it?
A. All sales are final as ALL items are ‘No Transfer’ — therefore, they cannot be returned. All products are clearly named and include demos. So please demo before purchasing as we cannot give you a refund.

Q. I no longer have the original packed product that I received when I purchased my product. When I get redelivery, it gives me only the update. Could you send me the old version? I like it more than the update.
A. To keep clutter in our inventory to a minimum, we delete previous versions of any of our products. Therefore, we only have the most current update in our inventory and servers. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to send you anything prior to the latest update. We additionally offer support only for our latest version products.

Q. I am currently a developer and have access to the rig kit. While I appreciate that a dev kit is provided for rigging purposes, I would like a rigging kit that offers full weights rather than partial weights. Could you provide me with such?
A. We thought about how to best provide weights to our products without jeopardizing our work. We knew that to make it easy for devs to create rigged items, we needed to develop a way to work for both developers and us. Therefore, we created a kit that included portions of the head/weights but not in its entirety. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these files, we cannot provide full weights to our heads, and we hope you understand that our hard work needs to be protected to the best of our abilities.

Q. I am currently a makeup developer and registered on your site. However, I now want to create rigged items and need access t the rig kits. How can I get access to these files?
A. Due to the nature of these files, we require at least eight recently created unrigged items before gaining access to these. Once you have this amount, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to be reviewed.

Q. I am new to creating and applied on your website. Why was I rejected?
A. Being rejected does not mean we do not support your efforts or hard work. We welcome new creators and encourage those interested, and this is why we have made public kits available. If you find creating is for you, and have created the required eight items, please apply for the more advanced kits, which are only available to registered devs.

Q. I am a registered developer and would like to use the base skin provided with your pro-kit. Is that ok?
A. Yes, you are welcome to use the base skin/tone provided with the pro-kits. It was provided for that purpose and to make it as easy as possible to create skins.

Q. I am new to creating and have the required eight items but was still rejected. Why was I rejected?
A. There are certain requirements you must meet to be approved to gain access to our more advanced files, such as but not limited to; being an active creator for three months or more, have recent activity, have social media presence (this is an effort to promote your creations better) as well as provide links to your social media pages. Also, please have relevant content, meaning a furniture store will not be approved as it is not relevant to the products we make. If you meet all requirements and feel your application was rejected in error, please reach us on Discord, or send one of our CSR ladies a message, and they will put you in touch with the right person.

Q. I am an approved developer and would like to send notices to the in-world group. Who can assist with this?
A. To gain access to send notices to the group, you must develop items for LeLUTKA. In addition, you must agree to a set of posting guidelines that will be sent to you once you contact Caleb Valerik, and you must leave the group before being invited back with the correct tag. Finally, please note that you must be online at the same time as Caleb for the invite to go through, this is an issue with Secondlife, and there is nothing we can do to make it work otherwise.

Q. I am a shape designer and would like to send notices to your in-world group. How can I do that?
A. In-world group notices are reserved for creators owning our pro devs kits, meaning makeup, riggers, and skin designers. However, you are welcome to advertise your work on our Flickr group and Discord server.

Q. I am a shape designer, could you provide me with your heads?
A. We do not provide shape makers with our heads, we wish we could help, but there are so many shape stores out there that it would be unfair to pick only a few. We hope you understand.

Q. How can I advertise the items created for LeLUTKA?
A. If you develop makeup, brows, hair-bases, skins, rigs, or other items where you used the public or pro-kits, you can advertise on our in-world group, Flickr, and Discord. Others are welcome to advertise on Flickr and Discord.

Note: Lelutka does not offer tutorials on how to use 2d/3d software of your choice.

Q. Someone was rude to me in your store/group. Who do I let know?
A. Please send a detailed notecard to Aradia Dielli with as much information as you can provide, and we will look into it.

Q. Do you give out gifts or gift cards in your store? Someone sent me something, and I don’t know what to do with it.
A.The only items you should accept while in our store are items that you have purchased and sent to you directly from either Aradia Dielli, Jaden Nova, and/or Thora Charron. We do not share our gift cards or offer reductions with objects, so please file an abuse report and delete the object you were given by anyone else.

Q. Can I apply to blog for your brand?
A. We are always looking for talented and dedicated bloggers. We love seeing our products on our customers. Therefore, be sure to add them to our Flickr group pool if you are interested in becoming part of our blogging team. There is a Blogotex board on our SIM; fill in the information requested if it is enabled, when and if we have openings, we will review the applications submitted. Please note, filling out the form does not guarantee a spot on our team. However, we do love finding new talent and look forward to seeing your applications.

Q. I have an event and would like to invite LeLutka to participate. Who do I contact?
A. Thank you for your interest in LeLutka. Unfortunately, we do not generally participate in events. However, you could send the information to Aradia Dielli for review.

Q. I have a suggestion for your products. Who do I send it to?
A. Suggestions can be sent to any of our staff members with the title LeLutka Suggestion (your name) – feedback is essential to us, and yours is much appreciated.