Product Questions – EVOLUTION / EVOLUTION Xtreme Line Heads/Animations

Q. What is Evolution X?

A. The Evolution Xtreme (Evo X ) is the latest addition to our Evolution line. It is an extension of the original Evo heads.

Q. Does this mean that my Evolution head(s) will become obsolete?

A. Absolutely no, we will still create heads under the Evolution line; as previously mentioned, this is an extension of Evolution.

Q. Why did you create Evolution X?

A. As veteran creators of both skins and heads in Second Life, we always wanted to enhance avatar appearance and push its limits. One of the most significant issues for every skin designer is working with the Second Life UV map and its limitations, so we decided to make our UV map more detailed and sharper than the standard SL UV. That is how Evolution Xtreme was born!

Q. What are the most noticeable differences between Evolution and Evolution X?

A. The main differences are that skins and other system layers (Bakes on Mesh) will spread out differently when content is created using the new/custom UV Map, which will allow you to have a full HD experience.

Q. Will I be able to use skins and content created for Evolution classic on Evolution X?

A. You will be able to use any previously acquired HD Content (makeups, lipsticks, brows) in both Classic and EVO X mode. BOM (Bakes on Mesh) skins obtained before Evolution X can be used in Classic mode. Still, these WILL NOT fit the custom UV map that Evo X uses.

Q. Why is my skin not applying when using a 3rd party applier HUD?

A. Applier mode was always a temporary option for an easier transition from Origins line to Evolution. With so much BOM content developed on SL grid, we see no need for an applier mode anymore, nor do we see the point of cluttering your Second Life experience with additional scripts. This feature has been removed on Evolution X. Skins can ONLY be applied using BOM on this line. (HD eyeshadow, lipsticks, etcetera… will still use appliers.)

Q. I see some slight differences in my moods and expressions. Why?

A. We made some slight changes to optimize these to fit Evolution X, but nothing else changed.

Q. Why don’t I see any textures on my ears when in Evo X mode?

A. The ears on the new Evo X UV maps were removed to the UNIVERSAL-AUX 1 system layer to achieve an actual HD experience, which means you will need to apply textures to your ears separately (these are included with your heads). Universal layers can be layered up, which will allow you to use ear tattoos like you would with a classic Tattoo layer but with an extra perk of it being FULL HD.

Q. Will Evolution classic be updated to Evolution X features?

A. In weeks to come, Evolution will get all of the features of EvoX.

Q. Why do I see multiple options to hide ears?

A. By default Evolution X uses human ears right out of the box, but you have the option to wear the add-on fantasy ears included with your purchase. The HUD provides you the option to hide one or the other with a few simple clicks.

Q. What is BOM and why are you moving away from Appliers and towards BOM only?

A. BOM is Bakes On Mesh, a new feature that has been previously made available by Second Life. While we would love to keep things as is, we feel it is necessary to move with the times, to evolve, to always stay on top of the latest, our customers, their needs and giving them the best of ourselves and work is what matters to us most, therefore, we felt this was the right move, and in the right direction, we know change is hard to accept, but we promise, it is all for the best. It will help with lag and will allow you the opportunity wear many more layers. Learn more about bakes on mesh HERE.

Q. I just purchased one of your new heads from the Evolution line. Can I wear my old makeup?

A. Not only are these heads primarily made to be compatible with BOM, but we have created HD layers for eye shadow, lipstick, and brows. The UV is custom to accommodate for HD layers, which means that older makeups (those made for Origins) will not work on the new line of heads.

Q. Can I wear my old skins with one of your new heads from the Evolution line?

A. You can wear old skin appliers with the new heads, but it does not mean that it will look correctly as all heads look different in their own way, and different methods of modeling have been utilized.

Q. I just purchased one of your new heads from the Evolution line, but when I wear it, it is invisible, why?

A. This is the result of wearing an old alpha, in order to see the new head, you must remove older alphas worn and using the new ones provided, please keep in mind that these heads are geared towards BOM, therefore, a different set of alphas must be used, which have been included.

 Q. I own one of the first Evolution heads, and after doing a re-delivery, I am getting a version of the head with the word “dated” in parenthesis in the package; why?

A. When we first released Evolution, we wanted to bring everything we have learned to date. And give our customers the very best of ourselves and our product. We are thrilled that everyone who has purchased a head from the Evolution line has been welcoming and happy with the new line. However, as time passed, we received feedback, and customers asked for greater bone flexibility. As usual, customer satisfaction is essential to us, and we wanted to give our customers exactly what they were asking of us, and Fleur was born. With this head, we experimented with new rigging. The release went so overwhelmingly well we decided to extend the introduction of Boundless/Unrestricted bones to all heads in the Evolution line. We realize there have been many shapes made for the bound version of the heads and that some customers may not want to change, so we are offering both versions of the head (Bound and Boundless) for those heads released before Fleur. To get the Bound version of the head, please use the re-delivery terminal. Heads with the word “dated” are the Bound version. The other is the Boundless version

Q. The Evolution package uses 4 head options, but after updating to 2.5, I only see 2. Why?

A. We included 4 heads before our new update to give body designers a chance to update to the new normal. Now that the majority of the body brands have updated, we are only including 2. Your package includes a static ear and a non-static ear version. These will fit seamlessly with most bodies (Maitreya, Legacy, Signature, Slink to name a few). However, if you wear any other bodies, for example, Belleza, you will need to adjust the neck size to 0 on their HUD as they have not yet updated.

Q. Why is OMEGA no longer working with Evolution heads?

A. While OMEGA appliers will still work for your eyes, we have made the executive decision to remove OMEGA from the head itself. By now, everyone has become quite familiar with BOM, and removing this will help with script load.

Q. Why does the new line not include skins in the HUD?

A. The Evolution line is very different from our previous lines, these heads are primarily made to be compatible with BOM, therefore, the same applier and layer system cannot be utilized, nor would it work. While the new line will not include a set of skins, each head will come with a skin in 4 tones for you to start with, these are skins created by the LeLutka team as a tattoo system layer.

Q. The old heads use to have with a set of brows on the HUD, why can’t I find these on the new HUD?

 A. With update 2.5, brows have been added back into the HUD. Still, this time you are getting them in HD form, which means you will have access to a more beautiful set of brows that can be easily manipulated from the HUD itself, these brows along with other HD layers, can be found under the HD tab. As with the previous Evolution package, you will still have 4 system layer brows included. *Please note, HD brows can be manipulated through your system brow shaper just as any system layer eyebrow tattoos and brows drawn on skins. If you own brows created using the HD eye shadow layer, these cannot be manipulated through the LeLUTKA HUD.

Q. I no longer see the blush, freckles or other features I liked about the old HUD, what can I do now?

A. Due to the differences between the Evolution and Origins line, we had to make changes all around, but you did not lose those things you love most, we have provided you with a system tattoo pack with the new head which includes all of which was included previously, BUT BETTER, and in a system form, so that you can wear them with BOM.

 Q. I am trying the wear my old hairbase, but it does not work, none of the old hairbases I own apply to my head, why?

 A. The Evolution line is very different from our previous lines, and have been made to be primarily compatible with BOM, which means you cannot apply hairbases to these heads unless they are in a system layer form, for your convenience and to accommodate these changes, we have provided you with a pack of hairbases to use.

Product Questions – ORIGINS Line Heads/Animations

Q. I just bought your head and I don’t know what anything does. Is there a manual?

A. The user guide for all our heads are on our website. There is also a link included in the notecard with your head, and a clickable link on the head HUD settings tab. Head Info Female, Head Info Male.

Q. Is there a group in world for chatting about the heads and asking questions about other products for the heads?

A. The LeLutka  group is in world and FREE to join, there are notice sending options for Designers of LeLutka products, and chat for people to help each other. For any customer support, you must contact Aradia Dielli or JadenArt Resident directly, the group can only help with the basics, not store support as it is not a store group. If you are found to be rude or disrespectful in the group you will be removed. The group is for customers to help each other respectfully.

paste in open chat in world – secondlife:///app/group/d32fbe1f-dfe4-5cdd-27a1-b526591c7e13/about

Q. What happens if I wear several heads or HUDs at once. sometimes lag causes more than one thing to attach?

Wearing multiple copies of a LeLutka head or HUD creates undesirable outcomes like a permissions error from one of the heads, or one or both HUDs failing to function properly. Unfortunately winding up with multiple worn copies of an item is a common problem in SL with several possible causes, which usually occur while switching to a head update. If you “add” instead of “wear” your new head or HUD, obviously you will wind up with both attached. The second common cause is a corruption of your outfits. If you delete an older head from your inventory it goes into your trash folder. If that head is part of various outfits, it will still attach even though it is in your trash folder, though you won’t necessarily be able to see it on your avatar, or even that is is still part of the outfit. This can sometimes be corrected by emptying your trash, but you will need to ensure that it is not currently attached for SL to be able to purge it from the trash folder. If all else fails, you may need to temporarily wear a test avatar (Ctrl + Alt + Q to show Developer menu, then Developer → Avatar → Character Tests → Test Female) in order to be able to fully empty your trash folder. The best practice when switching to a new head to avoid this problem:

  1. Back up your presets and/or animations as desired
  2. Detach your old head and HUD (and teeth if applicable).
  3. Delete your old head, HUD, and teeth
  4. Immediately empty the trash to ensure they won’t come back from the dead when wearing an outfit that uses them.
  5. Attach your new head and HUD

Q. When I put on the head my face looks so different than my regular shape, I thought Bento meant I could look like me?

A. Bento heads allow for the bone sliders of your shape to be adjusted according to the parameters of the mesh. So while you can adjust your shape in various ways, the mesh itself has a shape and will differ head to head. You can tweak the sliders or use the included shape, but you may not get the head to look like you did before you wore it, as the head is not modelled based on the SL Avatar.


Q. How do I match my skin to my head?

A. The skins included with the head are by Glam Affair (Female) Tableau Vivant (Male). If you wear a Maitreya body (Female) the skins are the same left to right. If you wear a Slink Body (Female) Belleza Body (Female) you will find appliers in the Glam Affair Mainstore in the appliers section. If using a Slink Male body you will find the appliers in the Tableau Vivant Mainstore, if you wear a Belleza Male body you will find appliers in the LeLutka Mainstore in the TV section. Other appliers are available by various skin creators that create for our heads and the body type you wear, so you can try demos of individual skins to be sure of a match.

Q. The head comes with skin with brown eyebrows, how do I get rid of the brows to wear others?

A. The heads include a skin in ten tones created by Glam Affair and are sold as a full skin package in the LeLutka Mainstore. The full skin package includes a no brow option as well as other colour brows. If you do not want the brows included you can either purchase the full package at Glam Affair, or you can try skins by other creators that apply to the heads. If you have any questions or issues with the skins included please direct them to Aida Ewing (the creator of the skins).

Q. Are your heads Omega compatible?

A. Our bento heads are all Omega compatible. You will need to purchase the Omega installer from Omega for Omega appliers to work. If you do not have Omega appliers or do not plan on using Omega appliers, you do not need to purchase the installer.

Q. I cannot get my hairbase to show on my head, what do I need to do?

A. The LeLutka heads have their own hairbase layer. For female heads, the hairbase uses a different UV than the SL UV. Because of this, the behavior varies slightly between the female and male heads.


  • The hairbases we include with the head will apply to the Hairbase layer.
  • Hairbases purchased from other stores may apply to either the hairbase layer or the tattoo layer. If an omega applier, it will always be tattoo layer.
  • Hairbases made for the tattoo layer can’t be used on the hairbase layer, and vice-versa.


  • The hairbases we include with the head will apply to the Hairbase layer.
  • Hairbases purchased from other stores may apply to either the hairbase layer or the tattoo layer. If an omega applier, it will always be tattoo layer.
  • Hairbases can be rerouted to either the hairbase layer, or the tattoo layer. The UV is the same.

Q. I have tried a demo and now I cannot get the words demo off my head, what do I do?

A. Open your head HUD to the Essentials tab and then click on the clear buttons on the left side of each layer. This will remove the texture applied. Changing layers should have removed it, but sometimes makeup appliers apply to more than one layer.

Q. Why can’t I see the makeup I just applied?

A. The makeup layers can be toggled on or off using the main HUD by clicking the toggle switch or the layer name. Some makeup appliers are set up to automatically show the makeup layers they apply to, but not all! Make sure you have the layer associated with your makeup toggled on with the blend bar set to the maximum. If your makeup applier is an Omega applier, you must purchase and use the LeLutka Omega installer first the one time, so that your head knows to accept messages from Omega appliers. You can find that installer on Marketplace or you can use the button on the Settings page of your head hud.

Q. I have a few different appliers I like to wear on my face. Is this possible with your heads?

A. Yes, it is possible, as we have brow layer, hairbase layer, tattoo layer, eyeshadow layer and a lipstick layer.

Q. I have a few appliers that say they are all for the same section but are different things, how can I wear them?

A. If you click on the rerouting option on the settings tab of your head HUD you will be able to decide where you want the appliers to apply to. This way you can get as much out of the options available as you can.

Q. I have a tattoo a friend made me, can I use it on your heads?

A. If the tattoo is created for the SL UV of the face, and you have the texture full perms, then you can use the Personalize panel on the head HUD to wear it. Just hold Ctrl and drag the texture into the drop box.

Q. Can I tint my makeup?

A. Yes, you can tint all parts of your head. Each layer has its own tinting option including skins, and you can tint individually or all together. There is a tint layers tab on the right side of your essentials tab on the head hud.


Q. Can I have my head play random expressions all the time?

A. The LeLutka head consists of two types of animations. First, you have the ‘Mood’ sets that are randomly played to give your face a more realistic, and subtle set of changes while going about your day. Then you have the ‘Expressions’ which are controlled by you selecting them individually from the hud to give your face a more dynamic reaction to things going on at that moment. You can use more than one expression, and you can also set up gestures to play them in a sequence of your choosing. There is also the API information that can allow other content creators to develop wearable or rezzable items that will identify with the animations selected, such as sitting on a bed of nails could tie in with our yell expression, or depending on your pain threshold the lip bite. You can find that information at the link Bento Head Animation API.

Q. Can I use any bento animations with your heads?

A. You can use any bento animations with anything that is bento enabled, however, due to the modelling of the mesh there may be different results head to head, and brand to brand.

Q. Why does my head sometimes look different when I am in the sky on my platform?

A. SL sims use “floating point numbers” for their coordinates. The problem with floating point numbers is that the larger they get, the less precise they get. When you are at very high altitudes, this means that one of your coordinates is going to be a number the 1000’s, rather than in the 10’s, meaning that the position of every vertex on your avatar is going to have some sloppy rounding on its vertical axis. To see this at its worst, go to 4000 meters and look very closely at yourself. You will notice that every point in your face (and body) is jumping from position to position because the distinct points in vertical space at that altitude are over 1mm apart due to floating point precision. The left and right and forward and back position are still just as precise as it was at ground level, but the vertical position is a mess. There is nothing that can be done to mitigate this for any product other than hanging out at lower altitudes. Enjoy the ocean views, people.

Transaction/Support Questions

Q. I have a customer issue — how exactly can I get help?

A. Please contact Aradia Dielli, Thora Charron or JadenArt Resident with a notecard explaining your issue(s). If it is a transaction problem, please include the transaction information from the Second Life website transaction page. If it is regarding a gifted item, please include the full name of the person who sent you the gift (SL name, not display name).

Q. I purchased an item and it did not deliver. What do I do?

A. If the item you purchased was not delivered, or if you declined it by mistake, simply use the re-delivery terminal in our Mainstore. If the item does not appear on your re-delivery page, make sure the transaction was processed, you can do so by checking the transaction history on the Second Life website transaction page. If neither suggestion work, please contact Aradia Dielli by notecard.

Q. I have purchased an item I already own, can I get a refund?

A. Yes, you can! You will need to send a notecard to Aradia Dielli with the most recent transaction and any other information you have. If the original or second purchase was a gift, please include the full name of the person who sent you the gift (SL name, not display name). Please be sure your notecard is titled like so: Double Purchase Refund [your name]

Q. I accidentally purchased something I do not want, can I get a refund?

A. All sales are final as ALL items are ‘No Transfer’ — therefore, cannot be returned. All products are clearly named, and include demos, please do so before purchasing as we cannot give you a refund.

Q. I changed my mind after buying something can I exchange it?

A. All sales are final as ALL items are ‘No Transfer’ — therefore, cannot be returned. All products are clearly named, and include demos, please do so before purchasing as we cannot give you a refund.


Q.  I keep getting a texture warning when I wear the Head HUD, what does it mean?

A. Firestorm’s Bento viewer added a tool to help you be more aware of how much memory your HUDs are using. This threshold is set to 32 million bytes. The LeLutka  HUD, with its extensive feature set, uses approximately 40% of this budget. If you are wearing several other highly complex HUDs, you may encounter this warning from the Firestorm viewer. The warning may or may not be something you need to worry about. If you have a powerful gaming computer, chances are you will not have any problems no matter how much you attach to your HUD. If you are using a computer that struggles with rendering SL, though, and you see this warning, you may want to consider detaching some of your HUDs to help your poor graphics processor out so it doesn’t have to work as hard to draw each frame.

Q. My HUD stops working at times, and I cannot detach it. Why is this happening?

A. This is not a LeLutka specific issue, it is a bug that affects some residents when teleporting/sim crossing. The HUD is no longer actually there, but you will still see them on your screen, and they will still show up in your inventory as worn. The only way to remove them is to relog. If you do not wish to relog at that time – which is understandable – you can right-click the hud in your inventory, copy it, and a right click and paste into the same folder. Wearing the copy will allow you to do what you need to do, and when you log in next, the copy will be worn and the original will have removed itself – If your original is connected/linked to items in outfits, just put the original back on when you log in. You could also do the following if using Firestorm, go to Avatar on your bar, then Avatar Health, and Refresh Attachments, Keyboard shortcut is: ALT+SHIFT+ — If you want to read more on this issue, or add your own situation to the Jira please go to either Bug 6925 or Bug 7761.

Q. Someone was rude to me in your store/group who do I let know?

A. Please send a detailed note-card to Aradia Dielli with as much information as you can provide, and we will look into it.

Q. Do you give out gifts or gift cards in your store? Someone sent me something and I don’t know what to do with it.

A. If you have been given anything by a stranger while in our store please abuse report and delete it, we do not give our gift cards or offer reductions with objects. The only items you should be accepting while in our store are items that you have purchased and that are sent to you directly from either Aradia Dielli, JadenArt Resident, and/or Thora Charron.

Q. Can I apply to blog for your brand?

A. We are always looking for talented, and dedicated bloggers. We love seeing our products on our customers, therefore, be sure to add them to our Flickr group pool. If you are interested in becoming part of our blogging team, there is a Blogotex board on our SIM, simply fill in the information requested, when and if we have openings we will review the applications submitted. Please note, filling out the form does not guarantee a spot in our team, we do love finding new talent, and look forward to seeing your applications.

Q. I have an event and would like to invite LeLutka to participate, who do I contact?

A. Thank you for your interest in LeLutka, we do not generally participate in events, however, you could send the information to Aradia Dielli for review.

Q. I have a suggestion for your products. Who do I send it to?

A. Any suggestions you have please send to Aradia Dielli with the title LeLutka Suggestion (your name) – feedback is very important to us, and yours is much appreciated.
Please note that to be approved, the following requirements will need to be met: - An in-world store or a Marketplace - You must have a minimum of 8 items created (Does not have to be LeLUTKA items, but relevant content should have been created already, for example, Makeups, Skins, Lashes, Eyes, etc. - You must be an active store owner for at least 3 months. List of items that we will automatically reject: - Direct competition designers, meaning, if you create Mesh Heads, we will not give those access to our files. - Furniture creators. - Architecture creators. - Clothing creators. - Those who create for bodies, rather than heads. - Those looking to obtain files for personal use (refer to starter texture kit for that). - Those who create custom creations.