ALL ITEMS ARE COPY/NO TRANSFER, AND ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL, so trying them out before any purchase is highly advised.


ALL ITEMS ARE COPY/NO TRANSFER; therefore, REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE unless multiple purchases of the same item are made in error. Once the transactions are verified, a refund will be sent.


To purchase a gift, one needs to RIGHT CLICK on the BUY option on the vendor (as stated on the vendor button) and select the gift option on the menu. Selecting the correct person to whom one wishes the gift to be sent is essential. (Do NOT use Display Name! Use Account Name Only). Once the “giftee avatar” has been selected, the “gifter avatar” pays the vendor to complete the transaction. Please ensure you follow the exact protocol for how to gift someone, as a wrongly delivered purchase cannot be refunded unless it is a double purchase for either avatar.


Please ensure your viewer is updated correctly and your graphics settings are compatible with viewer requirements for best item reproduction.


All purchases made are only subject to marketplace transaction history and are part of the Marketplace Redelivery System. Therefore, they are not available for redelivery via the in-world terminal. LELUTKA IS NOT SELLING ITS HEADS ON THE MARKETPLACE.


Please remember to wear the Lelutka group tag while purchasing LeLUTKA’s products to get credit. We do not add credits after the fact.


If you purchase a LeLUTKA item at our store and the item does not get delivered to you, CLICK THE TERMINAL, and follow the prompts to have it resent. If the Redelivery terminal is unavailable, do not hesitate to contact us. The terminal is for LeLUTKA ITEMS ONLY. You can also get a REDELIVERY HUD and grab your items from anywhere on the grid without visiting our main store.


We are happy to feature fellow designers in our main store. However, we do not offer support for their products or any information. All inquiries should be directed at their staff. All capped deliveries should be addressed with the respective brand in question.


Please note that you should not accept any gifts or other objects from anyone pretending to be a part of LELUTKA. If something does not come from Jaden Nova, Thora Charron or Aradia Dielli IT IS A SCAM. If you do get scammed, which we hope you do not, please report the incident to Linden Lab, as they have the authority to remove them from the platform. However, unfortunately, we can only ban them from our estate.


Sio (siobhin.shippe)

Kimmy Ridley (alluringkimmy)

Lυмι ·˚ღ (aeromia)


LeLUTKA is a shopping sim, not an RP sim, so please act accordingly. Any disruption of our customers will be sanctioned. We will not tolerate discriminatory, aggressive, grifter, obscene or rude verbiage and behavior. Breaching these rules of conduct will get one banned, and once one does get banned, it will be hard to get one’s access reinstated, so please keep that in mind. If you are using TP Hammers… STOP. They crash the main store sim.

Please understand that we do not offer viewer support or how to use the Second Life platform.