LeLutka Delights Cream is a mesh add-on product made for all LeLutka heads. It includes two hand attachments and a HUD. With 8 Flavor categories, you can fully customize your Delights Cream. To really relish your sweet treat, you can opt into being a messy eater! With the help of your napkin, you can clean up after yourself. You can also go the clean route when in polite company.

Animations let you just HOLD the Delights Cream, or ENJOY is an entire animation sequence that incorporates the napkin if going messier. If you don’t wear the napkin, you’ll be a little more careful about keeping your mess in check. LICK and LICK MORE are stills for photo opportunities. These animations will also blend together with your LeLutka head moods, adding more spice to your ice.

Due to the range of customer shapes, we have included some sample shapes as guides for a better fit and the option to set the animations to several Female or Male variants using the drop-down at the top left of the HUD. The Delights Cream attachment is also modifiable so that you can resize and reposition if needed. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with the HUD, which you can recall at any time using the (i) button on the top right.

150 150 LeLUTKA

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