Lol Bee Bop drop it like its hot

LeLutka Lol Bee Bop is a mesh lollipop with 16 flavor options made for all LeLutka heads.

Select options yes or no to stain the tongue.

HOLD the Lol Bee Bop without any major animations.
HANDS is a full animation sequence that brings the lollipop to your mouth while still holding onto it.
MOUTH is your avatar rolling and chewing on the candy while inside of your mouth, leaving your hand free.
ENJOY is a mix of MOUTH and HANDS animations.

To give you more options with your Lol Bee Bop experience we have also included some stills poses, allowing for a static ending to a smaller run of the animations for photography. Sizes of lollipop are included match to the male and female LeLutka teeth from your LeLutka Bento Head. Due to the range of customer shapes, we have included some sample shapes as guides for a better fit, as well as the option to set the animations to several Female or Male variants using the drop-down at the top left of the HUD. The Lol Bee Bop hand attachment can also be moved manually via edit if needed. Easy to follow instructions are included with the HUD which you can recall at any time using the (i) button on the top right.
License to use LeLUTKA's Mesh Head for 3d developement is non-transferable, and limited to the terms and agreement, sub-licensing is not allowed. The 3d Object file is provided solely for use as a tool to develop content within Second Life. Any, and all developer files may not be sold, shared, copied or reproduced, in whole or in part for any other purpose. Use of the provided developer files to extract or copy the shape for any purpose is expressly forbidden. The intellectual property rights to any and all developer files remain the property of the Second Life brand, LeLUTKA.