Hello LeLu’s,

Update, update, read all about it! Another set of heads were updated, if you have not received it already, simply go to the store for re-delivery, or you could also deliver a fresh copy from your HUD, this update includes Andrea, Bianca, Cate, Chloe, Greer, May, Piper, Simone, Spencer and Vera have been updated! that is all for now, we cannot wait to show you the new line of heads coming VERY soon, and tons of other surprises!

Release notes:
LeLutka Bento Heads 3.4

• Added a workaround for a SL bug which interferes with mouse clicks while in mouse-look mode.

• BakeOnMesh skin button has been updated to reflect final release of Bakes on Mesh, including the new texture and adjustments to the alpha mode of the skin layer.

• Bug fix for male heads preventing use of eye-shadow appliers.

• Beast teeth included with all packs.

*This update will be delivered automatically, however, if for whatever reason you do not get it, you could always do a re-delivery of your current head, and one will be delivered to you.