The following is an all inclusive list of features and information relating to the use of LeLutka Bento Male heads. If looking for a particular section or explanation type use Ctrl+F to Find a word on this page.

LeLutka heads are compatible Slink & Belleza Male bodies. LeLutka Heads are not compatible with system default avatars. You can try our heads with other mesh bodies, as we provide full demos in the store.

This product is Omega applier compatible — but you will need to purchase an Omega installer for the LeLutka products to activate the plugin. You can find that here. Omega appliers are created for many products, so it is important to try demos as outcome can vary head to head, and brand to brand.

Bento heads allow for better customization. You can alter your look via the shape sliders accessible in-world using appearance edit options. To be able to utilize these appearance modifiers, you must have a modifiable shape. You can use the modifiable shape included with the product, or you can use your own.

How to wear this head:

  1. Wear system alpha layer (if your body includes one that also hides head you can wear that)
  2. Attach Head (right click add or wear) The head attaches to chin, if you are already using that attachment point choose Add.
  3. Attach teeth (attaches to tongue point)
  4. Attach HUD
  5. Attach eyes (optional)
  6. Wear shape included, or adjust your own shape to better suit the look desired from the head worn.

Backup System

This is a complete back up system for your head’s animations, and your HUD’s save layer slots panel. When updates occur, or if you use several copies of your head, you can use this backup system to painlessly transfer these settings. Once you have all your animations injected (this relates to purchased LeLutka animation packs) and you have saved various appliers to the save slots, it is a good idea to back them up.

  1. Rez the Backup System box on the ground. You can name the back up system including a date, to help you recall older back ups if needed.
  2. Click on the box.
  3. Follow the prompts in the drop-down menu (top right of screen).
  4. Chat will let you know when completed, you can then pick up your backup box.

Do not leave backup boxes rezzed, as they will impact newer backups made. There is a warning if you rez a backup system and already have one rezzed elsewhere on the sim.

Included in each package:

  1. **Release Notes (version name)
  2. LeLutka Head Information (Notecard)
  3. LeLutka Eyes (head&version name)*
  4. LeLutka Head (head&version name)
  5. LeLutka Head static ears (head&version name)
  6. LeLutka HUD (head&version name)
  7. LeLutka Teeth Braces
  8. .LeLutka.Teeth.Gem&Braces HUD
  9. LeLutka Teeth Gems
  10. LeLutka Teeth
  11. LeLutka Back Up (version number)
  12. LeLutka Alpha Head (modifiable)
  13. LeLutka Alpha Head&Body (modifiable)
  14. LeLutka Brows (brow shape altering/modifiable)*
  15. LeLutka Default – head name  (system shape/modifiable)*
  16. LeLutka Face Light
  17. LeLutka Gestures Pack
  18. LeLutka Voice 1 (Gesture)
  19. LeLutka Voice 2 (Gesture)
  20. LeLutka Voice 3 (Gesture)

* Can wear/use your own version of this item.
** If you choose to not wear mesh eyes with head, you can edit the alpha to un-check the eyes option.


Essentials (main section)

  • Lashes – Two lash styles, light and thicker options (can be turned off or on by clicking the word Lashes) . Bento heads are fully animated, so using lashes attachments from a 3rd party creator may not give you the desired effect, as they will not move accordingly. You can use lash appliers from other creators if made for LeLutka heads using the Lashes UV. The eyelashes will not alpha glitch with eyeshadow layers. Lashes are tinted black by default, so if wearing coloured lashes you will need to remove tint.
  • Lacrimal Caruncle – Three shades to choose among for light to dark skins. Hide/show toggle option when clicking the title.
  • Scalp – hide/show toggle option for the scalp (will hide same section of hairbase if applied) for tighter fitting hair.
  • Ears – hide/show toggle option for the ears, allowing you to wear mesh ears from other creators, or to hide if poking through hair. Left and Right ears only options, or both when clicking the title.
    TIP: If you find the ear hole is too big, you can scale the ears using your shape sliders to shrink it.
  • Pose Button (body icon)  – To make your avatar stand still while making changes to your look. Pose will stay active until toggled off, even if minimised or if you teleport or log off.
  • Rerouting – Enables redirecting appliers to appropriate layer of your choosing. If you wanted to layer mustache facial hair over shadow or stubble, you could apply the mustache to tattoo and the shadow to facial hair…so many possibilities. You cannot apply something to a layer that only covers a particular part of the head, such as you cannot put a goatie on the brows layer and see it, as there is lower covering on the brows section, but you can put on the tattoo layer which covers the whole face.Rerouting can be turned off for when only wearing an applier to the base layer it needs, and will need to be turned off when using the personal library all options, so that it can apply without direction.
  • Default Skins (by Tableau Vivant) – Ten skin tones to choose from.
    The tones from left to right are – 01 – 02 –03 – 04 – 05– 06 – 07– 08 – 09- 10.
    Corresponding appliers for body-parts can be found at Tableau Vivant Mainstore
    Shimmer functions apply our default specular map to the whole face, you can use the slider on the HUD to decrease or increase this option. This will work on any skin applied to the head, not exclusively to the default skins included. Skin has no brow as the only option.
  • Bake on Mesh – Bake On Mesh texture has been included in the skin layer section – *IMPORTANT* This will appear as a gray un-rezzed texture unless you are using a viewer which supports “Bake On Mesh”, a feature which will not yet be live at the time this update is going out.

You will only see shimmer effects on layers if you have on Advanced Lighting (preferences >graphics tab > advanced lighting model – you do not have to have shadows active to use this function). You can remove and restore these maps whenever needed, as other 3rd party applier creators may include their own enhancements. To ensure that you get the most out of your advanced lighting features when indoors or using a windlight setting with less sun than needed to reveal the shimmer or gloss effects, we have included a facelight.

  • Brows – Toggle on/off switch. Blend slider. You must use a skin with no brow options (Default skin has no brows) to use this feature correctly for brows. You can also use this layer for moles, freckles, decorative embellishments if not in use for eyebrows, as long as the items are located in that section of the face.
  • Facial Hair – Toggle on/off switch. Blend slider. Included are 8 facial hair options, ranging from shadow to full beard. 5 base colours included for each, with options for tinting in the tint layers tab. This layer is separate from tattoo layers, so can be used for 3rd party appliers to create more of a facial hair range.
  • Hairbases – Toggle on/off switch. Includes 2 hairbases in 5 hair texture colors. The hairbase layer is based on the SL UV so hairbases from other stores, with Lelutka or Omega appliers will work.
  • Make-Up – Toggle on/off switch. Blend and Shimmer sliders (shimmer gives glossier effect). There are four Makeup looks included with the HUD, guyliner, smokey eyes, lines and colours. The lines and colour options can be tinted very well with the tint layers panel. The makeup layer is a full face covering layer, no upper or lower, so if wanting two different appliers to work in a made up look, you will need to apply to a second layer using rerouting in the settings tab.
    Blend and Shimmer can work with any make up appliers. Remove and Restore functions will overwrite other materials that may be added by 3rd party creators.
  • Tattoo Layer – Toggle on/off switch. The tattoo layer covers everything including the ears. Four tattoo options are included — two freckles, scar and decorative. All can be tinted using the tinting layers tab.Clear button (far bottom-left of each layer – excluding skin layer) applies a transparent texture, so that you can leave the layer active and see which layers are still affected by appliers. If you have used clear in the past having the layer ON will not show make up unless reapplied.

Save Slots

Save layer slots panel – This section of the HUD allows you to save your favorite appliers. You can save four options for each layer. You can save LeLutka appliers or Omega appliers to the save slots as needed.
Once you apply to the layer, click and hold your left mouse button down on the slot, a colour picker will appear allowing you to select a colour that you feel represents the colour of what you saved. The pop up colour picker is not tinting the layer it is only showing you what you may have saved there, such as red to show it was a demon skin etc.
When you wish to reapply the saved application click the swatch. If you wish to save another applier over an already saved swatch click and hold until a drop down prompts you for more action. You can delete a saved setting by clicking and holding down the swatch and selecting clear, you can also remove all swatches saved from a layer with the clear preset button under each set.

For more save options you can purchase the personal library pack in the LeLutka Mainstore.


TINT LAYERS (show/hide the panel via TINT LAYERS button right side of HUD) – All layers are tintable. Click the name of the layer at the top of the tinting panel, and then use the colour picker to find the colour you want. You can select multiple layers at once, all layers, or individually. Any tint colours can be saved to the swatches section of the tinting panel by clicking and holding your left mouse button on any swatch. The save can be recalled by clicking on the swatch again at another time. This is only for saving a tint colour, not for saving appliers.
To manually input RGB or HSL color values, click in the center of the RGB/HSL readout. A text box will appear top right of your screen, where you can type in your numerical values.
Clear tints button removes tint from all layers
Clear swatches button wipes all swatches with already saved tints (doing this will lose you the data, so be sure it is what you want before clicking).
If you tint a layer, and then wish to save it to the save layer slots on the other side of the HUD, it will save the tint as well as the appliers applied.



  • Moods Browser – 14 Mood animations are included, ranging from subtle to playful. You can select your individual mood that will continue to play at all times, or you can select as many of the moods as you like. They will randomly select and play active moods making you appear very animated over time. Click to activate/deactivate the mood (it will turn blue when active). You will be able to inject more moods when available from the store.
  • Delete Mode – When selecting this option the texture surrounding the moods will change to very bright orange. Clicking any of the moods while in delete mode will delete it from your head and HUD.
    If you delete any mood or animations from your head/HUD you can restore them with an injector or backup. To request the injector, click the settings tab, go to the “SEND ME” section, and click the Standard Animation Injector Icon (Simone injectors are named differently, but same location).
  • Stop Moods – Deactivate all moods.
  • Head Bone Movement – Switching this on (to the right) will cause your head to move along with the facial animations of your mood. Turning it off (to the left) allows your head animations to be handled by whatever other body animations you might be using with your AO, dance  HUD, or seat.


  • Expressions Browser – 24 expressions included, a variety of looped (will play until stopped) and un-looped (will play animation once and stop). Click on an expression to play. It will stay blue if looped. Clicking again will turn it off, or you can use the stop expressions button below.
  • Delete Mode – When selecting this option the texture surrounding the expressions will change to bright orange. Clicking any of the expressions while in delete mode will delete it from your head and HUD.
    If you delete any mood or expressions from your head/HUD you can restore them with an injector or backup. To request the injector, click the settings tab, go to the “SEND ME” section, and click the Standard Animation Injector Icon.
  • Stop Expressions – Will stop all playing animations (whether you can see them or not). This does not affect mood animations.
  • Filters – Filters let you only see what it is you are looking for. When underlined all categories are visible. Positive, negative and other are descriptive of the type of expression they fit. Looped and Un-looped allowing you to select only those that will continue to play once selected, or just play once. Not Available in Moods tab.
  • Favorites – This is also a filter, but separated for ease of use. If you have favorite expressions you feel you will use often, click and hold until the tint of the expression turns yellow, this will put that expression in your favorites filter. If clicking only Favorites only those saved will show, making it easier to get your most used. Click and hold to remove the favorite selection if you no longer wish it to appear there. Favorites will still appear in other categories. Not available for Moods.

Bottom Area

  • Vocal (Drop-down) – This includes animations that are triggered by typing in local chat or using voice in-world. There are two talk animations with slower or faster options, plus a singing option which can blend with your mood animations. There are gestures also included in the head folder (bagged) that you can use to start or stop talk animations manually for machinima or when typing is not an option.
    The drop-down is set to talk 1 slower by default, there is an Inactive option if you do not want talking while typing or voice chatting active.
  • Mouth (Drop-down) – Inactive leaves your mouth to whatever moods or animations you have selected. There are three parted lips at various stages of parting, a fully opened mouth and a chew animation. The chew animation just runs continuously without prompt once turned on, you can use gestures to start and stop if that is a better option for you. The chewing animation will play with the moods, so you can create some very unique looks.
  • Eyelids (Drop-down) – Five variations included — Wide, Relaxed, Sleepy, Suspicious and Closed with the option if inactive as needed.
  • Blink – This controls the natural blinking motion of your avatar, this will not override the moods animations, so will only work if you have no mood selected. You may also prefer to keep it off for picture taking.
  • Eye Control
    – On/Off switch to toggle control over eye animation.
    – Link – Controls both eyes together.
    – Mirror – When you are facing toward your camera, toggle mirror mode on. When you are facing away from the camera, toggle mirror off. Doing this lets the script do the thinking for you about whether (for example) you want to look to your left or your avatar’s left.


  • Eye Color – Six LeLutka eye options bigger irises that will apply to the mesh eyes included with your head. Right, both and left options to control the look you want for your eyes.
    Eyes are a separate attachment included with the heads. You do not have to use them, but they are there for a nicer fit and optional functionality, with 3rd party creators also able to make appliers for them, as well as being Omega compatible.
  • Bumpiness — Normals maps applied giving the iris a more natural look.
  • Shininess — Specular maps including blank (#) to allow for a more expansive influence on your eyes. Sliders that control levels of shininess with gloss, environment and intensity options.
  • Inner Mouth Shading — Inner mouth textures are now included with our head (which includes 6 teeth textures, 5 gum/tongue textures).
  • Teeth Anatomy – Three teeth options are available; normal, front gap, and all upper gap.
  • Hide Tongue — You guessed it.


This section of the HUD is for using your own full perms textures to customize your look. Holding down ctrl you can drag the texture/s (up to 9 textures at a time) from your inventory to the section of the HUD that says DROP YOUR ITEMS HERE do not drag to the red box, we know you want to, but drag higher to the place allocated.
Once the texture is loaded, you can then click the larger square (red rim) and select one of the layer swatches below. If you use 9 at once, all 9 swatches will fill, if you add one at a time, you can click and hold a smaller swatch on the right, which will copy from the larger swatch to that     location.

Reset button (circular arrow on her cheek) will reset all swatches to default clear.Toggle buttons allow the layers to be turned on/off in this panel, without having to go back to Essentials tab.

Diffuse are regular textures, so that is where you will click to apply, skins, make up etc. Normal and Specular are for materials such as bumpmaps.


This is where you will find options to mend things, receive things, and control the inner workings of this product.

  • Request Updates Automatically – Toggle on/off. On means it will check for an update every time you log in or attach your head. Turn off the feature to not be continuously sent more (sometimes helpful for heads in old outfits).
  • Check for Updates now – If you have been away, or just have been too busy to accept updates and have request auto off, then you can click this to be told if you have the latest version or sent a newer if not.
  • Redeliver – If you need a fresh copy of your head you can use this button to request a new copy immediately from anywhere on the grid.
  • Triggers – In the event that other designers create products that will utilize the animations in the head, this will allow those items to activate them. This also includes things such as gestures, which are included with the head. This is turned on by default.
  • Repair Transparency – Returns all layer transparencies to alpha blend mode. In the event an applier reverts a layer to mask for a specific reason, you can restore with this function.
  • Repair Materials – This will return all the specular and normal maps to the default settings, such as skin shimmers, makeup shimmer and so on. If another item has its own special materials, you can always return to original settings via this button.
  • Restore Factory Settings – Deletes all saved content, and returns all settings, layers to default. Be very sure this is a need before proceeding. The head and all LeLutka products are copy, in the event you need a clean version, you can also just unpack a new one.
  • Kill Script – MAKE A COPY OF YOUR HEAD FIRST! some sims have script limits, or you may just want to be running nothing. This will kill scripts but leave the applied layers visible, so you will still look fabulous. To make a copy of your head, have it set the way you wish, then right click the head in your inventory choose copy and then paste into the same folder, or a new folder to keep separated. Try the copy on first before killing scripts, to be double sure that you do have two copies of the look you wish to keep, one for deleting scripts and one for keeping active.
  • Sound Volume – At LeLutka we like things that go clicky clicky, so we added sounds, you may not like things going clicky clicky, so you can turn them off or decrease the volume.
  • High on screen – If the location of the minimised HUD is not to your liking at the bottom of the screen, you can click on this option and it will instead relocate to the top, no need to go into edit and move anything around.
  • User Manual – directs you to the assigned manual for this product – which you are reading now, so maybe you already clicked it 🙂
  • Send Me – This includes four icons for you to click as needed.
    – Creator kit icon will send you the most recent version of the creators kit.
    – Standard Animation Injector icon will send you an injector to use to replace animations or moods you have removed using delete mode.
    – Back Up is the back up system for heads, which does come in the head folder, but if you have deleted it or having trouble finding one, this can deliver one quickly to you.
    – Misc. Icon will send you whatever LeLutka decides to put there, this may be in the form of a gift for a small period of time, or an item that will enhance your head experience. There are no set items at this time, so it will deliver a notecard when not providing an object.
  • Links – These go to various locations on the internet.
    Second Life Marketplace
    Omega Systems

For a more casual setting for asking questions, and to receive information from third party creators for LeLutka heads, you can join the LeLutka for me group in world. Copy and paste the following link into chat in world
and then join from chat history.
Please note that to be approved, the following requirements will need to be met: - An in-world store or a Marketplace - You must have a minimum of 8 items created (Does not have to be LeLUTKA items, but relevant content should have been created already, for example, Makeups, Skins, Lashes, Eyes, etc. - You must be an active store owner for at least 3 months. List of items that we will automatically reject: - Direct competition designers, meaning, if you create Mesh Heads, we will not give those access to our files. - Furniture creators. - Architecture creators. - Clothing creators. - Those who create for bodies, rather than heads. - Those looking to obtain files for personal use (refer to starter texture kit for that). - Those who create custom creations.