A fast, intuitive photographer’s tool for creating or modifying your facial animation to set up the perfect shot. It gives you control over your facial bones.

Most of what you need to know about getting started can be found on the info pages which show on HUD itself when you first wear it. You can return to those info pages at any time you like by clicking the “i” button on the top of your HUD.

You can click and drag on the point grids to rotate each facial bone on one, two or three axis, depending on the bone. Three axis bones such as the lip bones have an extra row underneath the main point grid which you can use to rotate the bone on the third axis. There are also larger circles at the edges of the brows and lips which allow you to move several bones together. Once you have the expression just how you like it, you can save your animation set into a savorite at the bottom of the HUD if you want to recall it later.

You can also target up to three other avatars and individually set up unique facial animations for group photos or just a bit of fun


Each small dot grid maps to a facial bone, and represents a single animation which controls that bone. If you see just a single row or column of dots, that bone can only be rotated on one axis. Other bones like the head or neck bone have control over all 3 rotation axis. Click or drag along the lower row to rotate on the third axis


The brows and lips have larger circles nearby which can be used to move several bones together. Clicking one of these macro dots will move the controlled bones along that axis only (any rotations set to other axis will be left as-is)


You can quickly wipe the Axis HUD animations and start over by hitting the large power button at the top of the HUD. To wipe just the animations for part of your face, look for the smaller power button just above the label for that section


Toggling the link button at the top of the HUD near the power button will make any new click on one side of the head also animate the corresponding bone on the other side. This will not affect any work up to that point, so you can set up an asymmetrical smile, then toggle link mode on and set up your brows to be symmetrical.


Each section can be mirrored using the small mirror buttons beneath the section label. For example, you can set up a smirk on your lips, and then decide to mirror it. Mirroring the lips will not affect any other facial features.


You can save your favorite expressions for later use using the Savorites along the bottom of the HUD. Click and hold on an empty savorite slot to save your current facial animations into that slot. If you click and hold on a slot that already contains data, you can clear or overwrite the data in that slot. To recall a savorite, a quick single click will bring it back.Because a savorite might only contain bone settings for some of the facial bones (e.g. just the mouth bones) there are two modes for recalling a savorite which you can specify with the YES/NO choice above the slots.


YES: The point grid selections on the HUD will be cleared, so the facial expression recalled will be exactly as you set it up the first time. If your savorite just animates the mouth, then any brow or eye animations will be removed when the savorite is recalled.NO: The point grid selections of the HUD will just be overwritten with whatever is in the savorite, leaving bones that haven’t been stored in the savorite at their current setting. If your savorite just animates the mouth, your brow or eye animations will be preserved, while the mouth is overwritten with the mouth animation in the savorite.


You can target up to 3 additional avatars other than yourself and set up facial animations for the whole group of four. To change the target, click and hold on one of the “Other” target slots at the bottom of the HUD. You will receive a menu which lets you choose from nearby avatars.


Select one of the six skins. Each target slot can have its own HUD skin selection to help remember which target is which. To change the skin for a certain target, just click that target slot and set the skin to one you like. Each time you change back to that target slot, it will remember your skin choice.


This HUD works by sandwiching many animations together. Unfortunately this method comes with the occasional complication in SecondLife, as the sims seem to randomly drop animations when the count gets high, making it necessary to refresh some or all of your animations. Refreshing the facial animations in your Axis HUD is easy as hitting the refresh button, but you will have to check with your other animation products to learn how to refresh their animations. It seems the oldest animations are usually the first to go, so your chosen stand pose is often the first casualty in the list of animations. If it is not easy for you to stop/restart any of the animations you need to use for your shoot, you may find it best to plan to set up your facial animation first, and then do other animations later.
Please note that to be approved, the following requirements will need to be met: - An in-world store or a Marketplace - You must have a minimum of 8 items created (Does not have to be LeLUTKA items, but relevant content should have been created already, for example, Makeups, Skins, Lashes, Eyes, etc. - You must be an active store owner for at least 3 months. List of items that we will automatically reject: - Direct competition designers, meaning, if you create Mesh Heads, we will not give those access to our files. - Furniture creators. - Architecture creators. - Clothing creators. - Those who create for bodies, rather than heads. - Those looking to obtain files for personal use (refer to starter texture kit for that). - Those who create custom creations.