It has been a little over a year since our last Bento Head release of; Bianca, Greer, May and Spencer– the positive response we got to the collection made us want to bring you more! However, our priority was to bring you an updated look to our hud, one that makes it easier to navigate, as well as added new features. While we had a few bumps with the update for the HUD, overall, we feel we have made our customers happy, and that is what we here at LeLutka aim for. To make our customers happy, and satisfied with the products they buy from us.

Today, after months of hard work, we are ready to release our new collection of Bento Heads; Aida, Piper, and the gorgeous Vera. This collection is a bit different than our previous one, we have made changes to the skeleton, which will make it more flexible for you to bring out your individuality. For your convenience, a pre-made shape is being included with each head, but, we highly suggest that you play with your own, make it beautiful, and show her off!

And, if 3 new pretty heads were not enough!! We have new skins being released by our talented, Aida from Glam Affair. All of which will be available for sale at our store, and hers. But that is not all, we also have one more thing, a promise to bring you more, much more in 2019, and yes, boys you are included in that promise, we are working hard on making some exciting things, we just hope you are ready, because we cannot wait to share it all with you!


If you are on Flickr, please do join our group, and share your images with us wearing our new release.

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Have questions, want to talk to other LeLutka customers? Worry not, we have have an amazing bunch always willing to help on our LeLutka For Me group — if you have a spot to spare, this is one to use that spot for, you will not regret it!

As usual, assistance is always available in-world, just send a notecard to Mavi Beck and she will do her very best to answer any, and all concerns. We hope you enjoy this release, we look forward to seeing your images on social media!

LeLutka Team