Hello Dolls (boys included),

It has been several days since we released an update, and we have read all of your feedback. Some bugs were reported, and fixed, and also some cosmetic changes were asked for. We of course have listened, which is why another release is being done, please read the notes included which explains in detail what was changed, and fixed. As always, your feedback is very important to us, please continue to provide it, and we of course will continue to listen!


║ LeLutka Bento Heads 3.3                 ║

• Omega CHEEKS layer now routed to LeLutka’s FACE layer by default (previously routed to TATTOO).
• Bug fix: scalp show/hide was not preserving tint parameters for the tattoo and hairbase layers.
• Bug fix: upper/lower face skin applications were not working correctly
• Minor adjustment to internal specular map records system.

• Bug fix: HUD would save bad data for glow and full bright after having recalled a save slot from the same layer.
• Bug fix: Save slots sending color data to local chat when saving.
• Color picker improvements…
– Male color picker layer selection fixed (had some wires crossed)
– Teeth layer selection indicators now update when you click the /DE/SELECT ALL button (which only toggles external head layers).
– You can now tint your teeth and head layers at the same time, if that’s what you’re into.
• Core script optimized to use less memory
• Brow appliers added back to main Female HUD
• Four new lashes options added to Male HUD, so six lashes in total

• Specular values have been adjusted to be less glossy on the tongue, and other minor changes.

• Bug fix: Backup was not detecting and offering to delete additional backup boxes on the sim (you only want to have one backup out at a time!)
• Bug fix: head bone movement versions of moods were not being backed up.

Thank you again,

The LeLutka Team